Research focus

In our research group, we investigate in detail innovative psychological methods and techniques in the treatment of patients with mental disorders. Our major research focus is on the development, implementation and evaluation of outpatient treatment programs for patients with personality disorders, chronic depression and posttraumatic stress disorders. We conduct small feasibility studies as well as large randomized controlled trials comparing promising psychotherapeutic methods (e.g., Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Schema Therapy, Metacognitive Therapy, Behavioral Activation, EMDR and Imagery Rescripting). We evaluate these treatments in terms of clinical effectiveness on a broad spectrum of outcome parameters, cost effectiveness and also use qualitative methods to assess the experiences of patients and therapists. With this multidimensional assessment we aim to gain a comprehensive picture of the benefits and costs of the investigated psychotherapeutic methods to optimize treatment. Within the scope of a personalized medicine, we also intend to attain a better understanding of factors that predict which treatment suits what patient best.

Group members

  • Eva Fassbinder (psychiatrist)
  • Nele Assmann (psychologist)
  • Anja Schaich (psychologist)
  • Sandra Köhne (psychologist)
  • Till Wagner (psychologist)
  • Diana Braakmann (psychologist)
  • Mirco Rogg (psychologist)
  • Anna Josek (psychologist)
  • Alena Senft (psychologist)
  • Karen Müller (psychologist)
  • Marie-Luise Kaping (psychologist)
  • Janne Outzen (psychologist)
  • Ulrike Grave (psychologist)
  • Sabine Groch (psychologist)

Publications & Funding

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